OpenRSA 1 archive

Some of the key pages on this wiki and resources elsewhere from OpenRSA 2007-09

Initial OpenRSA statement
The initial About statement for OpenRSA 1 on this site

OpenRSA blog
Posts from 2007-09 including coverage of the major RSA event on November 2007, and initial development of RSA networks

OpenRSA network site - a Ning-based site with last post 2010 (archive link)

OpenRSA ideas forum
Created by David Jennings on Uservoice for follow up discussions at the February 2009 workshop

Development ideas

October 1 event
February 2009 workshop

Join in invitation for OpenRSA 1
These were the original joining options for OpenRSA 2007-09

Links to reports and other resources including

Views of RSA CEO Matthew Taylor